Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm Just A Small Town Girl...

Well, life in Layton Utah is very different from French Camp Mississippi. Between the F15s, F16s, and F22s taking off over our house at several different times a day and seeing mountains out the window it is a whole new experience. I feel like a the country mouse that fell in love the the atmosphere of French Camp stuck in the big city.

Over this past week I have been to the Hill Air Force Base Aerospace Museum, the Pinewood Reservoir, The Davis County Fair, and a PRCA Rodeo. So comparatively speaking there is much more to do around here than when I had to drive 45 minutes to get to Wal-Mart. Jemi Grimes will be here for two more weeks to hang out and find her way around town with me... and with Double Trouble re-united for 3 weeks after a year of hardly seeing each other I think we have scarred some Utahns for life!

There is a pile of boxes in the garage full of my life and settling into my new room has been quite interesting. I want it to feel like home, but not have to completely re-pack everything when we find a new house. As a family we are going to be looking at houses up in Mountain Green. We are hoping to find something with an in-law style apartment so that I can have some of my own space along with enough property to have some livestock, and my own dog. Mountain Green is just through the pass and up in the Wasatch Mountain Range so it would be much closer to the reservoir and the ski resorts too :)

What has been challenging me lately is Psalms chapter 18:25-39

The passage talks about how God will appear to us how we are and where we are at because he saves an afflicted people. It then speaks about how He will gird me with strength, make my feet like hinds' feet and train my hands for battle. Being this close to the base and interacting with so many air force personnel, including my own dad, has brought it to life. Being girded with strength, and trained for battle isn't something that happens just passively sitting around. The pilots are constantly flying over doing training drills, or flying out past the salt flats for bombing practice. If you drive by the base on any given day they are out running and working out, or making sure their equipment is 100%. It's no different in my spiritual life. Be it continuing scripture memorization, devotions, and journaling, or finding ways to invest in those around me I have to continue training.

Well that's it for today... catch y'all later!

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