Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Running Just To Catch Myself...

"Wow, it is already almost August! Where has the summer gone?!?!" were the thoughts that ran through my head this morning as I drove to work. In some ways this summer has frustrated me, and yet there certainly is a bright side and I have been very blessed.

In many ways this summer has been a little frustrating. It has been hard to watch all my friends post their vacation pictures and hear about their fun trips, when the majority of my summer has been spent working. Even just small things like going on a hike on a Saturday morning or to the drive-in or a cookout that is farther than just around the corner has been impossible for me this year, and it feels like life is just passing me by.

But, there is a positive side to this story. Back in March I was incredibly blessed to start a second job. It was really a birthday present from God since I started my first day the day before my birthday. I am finally back to being a veterinary technician at Aspen Grove Veterinary Care here in Utah. It is an all equine clinic and I absolutely LOVE working there. The staff consists of just 1 DVM, the 2 front desk ladies, one other tech who works 2 mornings a week, and myself. In the past few months I have not only used the skills I already had, but I've also learned a lot on new equipment and new technologies that I didn't have access to previously, and everyone I work with is incredible. I started out just working 2 afternoons a week, and very shortly after that I moved into 4 afternoons (12:15-whenever the day is done... which is usually between 5:30-6) and Saturdays (8-1ish usually). The number of hours I've been working at the clinic paired with my training job has allowed me to save up enough to buy my own car in a much shorter amount of time than working at the barn alone. God has truly blessed me by putting me back into a job I love, with one of the best vets in the area, and with a pay rate that I can actually afford to be more financially independent from my parents.

In other summertime news, my niece Mya turns 2 in less than a week! (ahhhh!) My brother and sister-in-law are expecting a baby boy in November! (Yay!) My dad got a new job on base that is a significant promotion! (woohoo!) And we might have just bought a house!!!!! :-D So, it has been a busy summer for the Goers family, but what's new, we are the GOers family after all :)